Atmospheric Pollution

Atmospheric Pollution

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Atmospheric Pollution: Its History, Origins and Prevention looks at the history, sources, and controls of air pollution in Britain. Topics covered include the origin of fuel, natural solid fuels such as wood and coal, and manufactured fuels such as coke and alcohol. Mineral oils and gases are also considered, along with industrial boilers and furnaces, combustion and power generation, and the effects of pollution. This book is comprised of 16 chapters and begins with an overview of atmospheric pollution, its causes, and prevention. The next six chapters deal with fuels, furnaces, and fires, with emphasis on natural solid fuels including coal, mineral oils and gases such as petroleum and natural gas, and artificial fuels like charcoal, alcohol, and water gas. The remaining chapters focus on the properties of atmospheric pollution and consider atmospheric pollution from engines and furnaces. Radioactive air pollutants are also examined and remedial measures are proposed to control atmospheric pollution. The last chapter is an account of the law in England and in other countries governing atmospheric pollution. This monograph is meant to be of use to all who are professionally interested in atmospheric pollution, from environmental health officers, legislators, and city councilors to architects, engineers, meteorologists, boiler operators and builders.The circulating medium normally passes through two forms of a€œheat-exchangera€, first in the boiler where the circulating medium takes in heat, and ... Against this economy must be set the capital cost (interest and amortization) of the central heating installation. ... The a€œwrap-rounda€ Baxi Radiator Output Boiler (R.O.B.2) ( Baxi.

Title:Atmospheric Pollution
Author:A. R. Meetham, D. W. Bottom, S. Cayton
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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