Atheism and Naturalism

Atheism and Naturalism

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Have you ever wondered what Atheists believe? You know what they DON'T believe in, but what positive beliefs do they have?Are you an atheist who wants to fully explore the philosophical and scientific issues surrounding your worldview?In either case, this book is for you. This book explores the arguments for God, why they fail, the arguments against God, and argues that Nature is all that exists (Naturalism). This book covers everything from Meaning and Morality to Creationism and Evolution.Allow me to use an analogy: Suppose that you are forced to choose between two cars, one of which you will drive on a trip. You are told that the first car has a problem which may cause it to break down on the way. You are not told what the anbsp;...

Title:Atheism and Naturalism
Author:Nicholas Covington - 2010-04-12


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