Astrological Yogas and Combinations

Astrological Yogas and Combinations

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Astrology is an ancient Vedic science that describes the position and movements of planets and their effects on the life of human beings. Yoga refers to various planetary combinations in the horoscope of an individual which affect the life of that particular person. Astrological combinations can be positive or negative depending on their placement in the birth chart. Positive yoga combinations are also known as Raj Yogas which acts as an asset in the birth chart while negative yogas act as a liability as they reduces the positive traits in the horoscope of an individual. Different planetary yogas and combinations affect the various aspects of a persona€™s life like health, wealth, career, marriage, education etc. Through this E-book know about the various planetary combinations and how they affect the life of an individual in different spheres of his/her life. Also learn about various Yogas mentioned in the ancient Vedic books of astrology.Factors responsible for financial status of a native: 2nd house: indicates accumulated property, collection of precious items, bank deposit, ... Lords of ascendant, 2nd, and 11th house placed together in any house except 6th/8th/ 12th house.

Title:Astrological Yogas and Combinations
Author:Rohit Upadhyay
Publisher:Rohit Upadhyay - 2015-09-07


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