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Titus Williamson has it all: wealth, a successful business, a beautiful home, a luxury cara€”and an unfaithful wife. Unhappy and wounded, he drives in search of distraction from his woes. At Club Mikki, hea€™s sure hea€™ll find just what he needs to forget his life for a while. The gentlemena€™s club is infamous in Atlanta, with a strong reputation for the most beautiful women and attentive servicea€”perfect for Titusa€™s state of mind. Cheyenne has needs: a steady job, a better apartmenta€”a better life. Her childhood was less than ideal, and her love life now isna€™t much better. Out of necessity and circumstance, she started selling herself on the street. Her small waist and lush hips are in high demand. Soon, shea€™s saved enough to go after her dreams. Having packed up her things and gone in search of that better life in Atlanta, shea€™s now a popular shake dancer at Club Mikkia€”and in competition with another dancer named Teresa. Teresaa€™s life has placed too many worries on her young shoulders, and now shea€™s searching for an answer to her prayers. Her beloved grandmother is languishing in a low-class hospice, and Teresa knows shea€™d do almost anything to earn the money to save her grandmothera€™s life and dignity. Inspired by a talk show about exotic dancers, she puts her own fears aside to pursue work as a shake dancer. When Titus falls for Teresa, neither can predict what will happena€”but everyone finds staying on the right path easier said than done.This apartment complex had turned out to be more dangerous than the woman who gave her the tour led Greg and her to believe. ... Then Teresa noticed a silver 1989 Pontiac Bonneville with mirror tint swerve up next to her Honda Civic.

Author:Sayuri Smith
Publisher:Booktango - 2012-10-22


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