Assault On an Empress

Assault On an Empress

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For a birthday present, the daughter of the Ambassador to Zaldar was allowed to travel to a gala reception by Emperor Ghariet of the Hallsworth Empire. She carried with her a document solidifying an agreement between the Hallsworth Empire and the Zakdar system. On her voyage the ship comes under attack by one of the Emperor sons and she is forced to flee to the surface of Belugas two. With the aid of her protection androids she is able to escape the attack and lands on the planeta€™s surface. There they are pursued by their attackers. Aided by the inhabitants of the planeta€™s surface along with two young men, who are mistaken for Federation invaders, they make their way to the Palace of the Emperor of Hallsworth.After several hours passed, he set the tablet down and stared off into space. a€œ What is bothering you, sir?a€ Jacque asked. Martin jerked around and saw the android standing in a charging station. ... a€œIs there a problem with your tablet?a€ a€œ Noanbsp;...

Title:Assault On an Empress
Author:Cecil Cory
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-04-17


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