Assassination science

Assassination science

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If you have ever been tempted to believe that President Kennedy was killed by a lone, demented gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald, then Assassination Science is the one book which will convince you, beyond any reasonable doubt, that there was indeed a conspiracy and a cover-up. Completely lacking the wild speculation that have marred some books on the shooting of JFK, Assassination Science sticks to the hard facts, interpreted by medical and scientific expertise.That the film was flown to Washington and in the hands of the Secret Service by 9 :55 p.m. EST receives support from a ... Secret Service was dependent upon the CIA for technical assistance, including the analysis of photographs and films. ... nine pages of documents related to analysis of the Zapruder film by the NPIC for the Secret Service a€” obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Paul Hoch.

Title:Assassination science
Author:James H. Fetzer
Publisher:Open Court Pub Co - 1998


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