Asia's New Wealth Club

Asia's New Wealth Club

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This guidebook to Asia's elite in the 21st century profiles the often-secretive billionaires who are driving the recovery of the Asian economy. Completely revised and fully updated, Geoff Hiscock's best-selling guide explores the new business themes sweeping through the region and examines Asia's 100 richest families. He explains how they fought their way to the top and looks at the next generation who hope to carry on their amazing success in the new, networked world. When Asia's Wealth Club first appeared, Hong King was still a British colony, Suharto was in the presidential palace in Jakarta, the Korean conglomerates saw expansion as the only game plan and the Sultan of Brunei was the richest man in Asia. Now everything has changed - including the membership of Asia's wealth club. Twenty-eight of the 100 names that were on the 1997 list did not survive to make it into Asia's New Wealth Club at the start of the 21st century, and every single ranking of the 100 billionaires on that list has changed. For the newcomers, particularly those in India, Japan and Greater China, two words encapsulate their rise: mobile internet. More than globalization, more than any other technological innovation of the past two decades, the internet in its mobile access mode is remaking Asia and Asian fortunes - just as it is in Europe and the Americas. It is this proposition that has been embraced so enthusiastically by young entrepreneurs in India, Japan, China, Korea and the rest of South-east Asia, people like Masayoshi Son of Softbank, Richard Li of Pacific Century CyberWorks in Hong Kong and Jeffrey Koo, Jr. of Chinatrust in Taiwan.The figures for motor vehicle manufacturer and distributor TELCO were market capitalization of US$0.8 billion, annual ... Tata hoped the groupa#39;s new small passenger car - the 1.4-liter Indica, introduced in 1999 and designed to compete with Korean brands such as the Daewoo Matiz ... However, the groupa#39;s big movers in future may well prove to be Tata Infotech and unlisted Tata Consultancy Services, anbsp;...

Title:Asia's New Wealth Club
Author:Geoff Hiscock
Publisher:Nicholas Brealey International - 2000


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