Ash Man

Ash Man

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No one should play with the dead, especially when Raymond Faustanetti is around. For twenty-four years, the veteran cremator has burned bodies at the old cemetery; ita€™s a job he takes very seriously. However, not everyone shares his dedication to the deceased. His new boss, Everett Cochran, pompous son of the wealthy, new owner, doesna€™t get Ray at all and insists on aggravating his freak employee whenever possible. But the cremator wona€™t back down. And that dark determination often creates sparks between them that rival the flames roasting the corpses. When an attractive girl named Alex wanders among the tombstones, both men are drawn to her. Ray refuses his primal urges to keep his haunted past buried. But nothing stops Everett who is determined to have her. With Dada€™s money as bait, he seems to get his wish. Soon, a twisted relationship develops, and Ray senses impending trouble for the girl. All he wants is to be left alone, but circumstances thrust him into real life with every bit of evil that goes with it. As the demons of his past are reawakened, Ray must decide if vengeance is truly history or whether protecting the dead requires eliminating the living.Six a.m. It was just beginning to turn light in the eastern sky. Ray stood at the doorway ... Cochran came closer, viewing him from the bottom of the steps. a€œWell ? ... I want to know shea#39;s really in there.a€ Ray stared ... Ninety-six steps away. And hisanbsp;...

Title:Ash Man
Author:Patricia A. Gray
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-04-05


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