Ascent! 1

Ascent! 1

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This series is focused on delivering custom materials which are designed and presented to meet the needs of enthusiastic and committed students. The resources are written at an average reading ability level, but with full and proper use of scientific terminology throughout. Ascent! has its own text-linked website: The diagram shows a plant cell. chloroplast . A. cell membrane cell wall nucleus cytoplasm a i The cell is from a leaf. ... 7 mark ii Give two parts labelled on the diagram which are not present in animal cells. ... show two plant cells. cell X cell Y a In which part of a plant would these cells be found? cell X 7 mark cell Y 7 mark b Give the name of part B. 7 mark c i Give the letter which labels the nucleus.

Title:Ascent! 1
Author:Louise Petheram, Phil Routledge, Lawrie Ryan
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2002-09-01


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