Artificial Intelligence in Design '91

Artificial Intelligence in Design '91

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Artificial Intelligence in Design '91 is a collection of 47 papers from the First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Design held at Edinburgh in June 1991. The papers in this book are grouped into 13 headings, starting with a background of AI design systems and to which extent AI that results from being used as planning tool be applied to quality-oriented design processes in architecture. A constraint-driven approach to object-oriented design is also shown on real-world objects. The use of CADSYN in the structural design of buildings is examined, along with design-dependent knowledge and design-independent knowledge. Discussions on empowering designers with integrated design environments are given whereby design objects may be retrieved from catalogues without requiring users to form queries. Mention is given to automated adjustment of parameter values frequently used in computer routine applications. The book also introduces the Computer Aided Design (CAD) as applied to architecture. Design representation using data models, non-monotonic reasoning in design, and the cognitive aspects of design using empirical studies are discussed. Topics of the industrial applications of AI in design, such as the needed steps to develop a successful AI-based tool, and a review of the Castlemain Project and telecommunication distribution networks follow. This book is suitable for programmers, computer science students, and architects and engineers who use computers in their line of work.Leler, W. (1988). Constraint Programming Languages: Their Specification and Generation, Addison-Wesley, New York. Logitech (1986). LOGICADD Usera#39;s Manual, Generic Cadd Version 2.0, Logitech Inc., Redwood City, California. Lorie , R.

Title:Artificial Intelligence in Design '91
Author:J. S. Gero
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2014-05-23


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