Artificial and biological vision systems

Artificial and biological vision systems

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This volume is a collection of reports on work in computerand biological vision. The work is supported by the ESPRITBasic Research project INSIGHT, in which aninterdisciplinary group of scientists are integratingtechniques and results from computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, and psychophysics into a coherent frameworkto study general purpose vision systems.The methods reported in the volume range from anatomical andphysiological studies to psychophysical, algorithmic, mathematical, and simulation techniques. Particular topicsdiscussed include optic flow, texture, 3D surfaces, cueconvergence, segmentation, corner detection, and multiscalerepresentations.The main feature of the book is its interdisciplinarynature. It includes an approximately equal number ofcontributions from biological and computer sciences, wherebiology istaken to include neuroscience, psychophysics, andperceptual studies.corpus callosum Figure 7: Wiring diagram of the subcortical and cortical components of the pathway subserving the ... areas contained neurons selective for all stimulus directions (Dursteler and Wurtz 1988; Komatsu and Wurtz 1988a, 1988b, anbsp;...

Title:Artificial and biological vision systems
Author:Guy A. Orban, Hans-Hellmut Nagel
Publisher:Springer Verlag - 1992


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