Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee

Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee

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As minimally invasive surgeries for commonly scoped joints increase, the Visual Arthroscopy Series led by Dr. James R. Andrews and Dr. Tal S. David will answer the call for all in orthopedic surgery seeking succinct and highly visual books that will provide step-by step-instructions on arthroscopic techniques for the shoulder, knee, and hip. Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee: A Visual Guide by Dr. Thomas J. Gill is unique in its presentation in that it is meant to be used as a a€œhow-toa€ technique guide that includes intraoperative photos taken with the arthroscope, detailing and illustrating each step in arthroscopic surgery of the knee from start to finish. Dr. Thomas J. Gill is joined by multiple contributors, each a national leader in his or her area of expertise. As each expert presents his or her experience with each procedure, (and not a review of the current literature), the orthopedist will benefit from the vast experience of this group of experts. Some chapter topics include: a€c Diagnostic Arthroscopya€”set-up and instrumentation a€c Articular Cartilage Resurfacing-microfracture; osteochondral transplantation; autologous chondrocyte implantation a€c Pediatric Osteochondral Injuriesa€”special issues and techniques a€c ACLa€”current topics in both single-and double-bundle reconstruction a€c PCLa€”current topics in both single-and double-bundle transtibial and tibial inlay techniques Inside You Will Find: a€c A description of surgical goals a€c Step-by-step a€œhow-toa€ and illustrative instructions a€c Tips and pearls and pitfalls section With the precise instructions of an illustrative a€œhow-toa€ guide, Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee: A Visual Guide is highly organized and easy-to-read resource perfect for orthopedic residents, fellows, and experiences surgeons involved with sports injuries and arthroscopic surgery. Other titles in the Visual Arthroscopy Series: Arthroscopic Techniques of the Hip: A Visual Guide by Dr. Bryan Kelly and Dr. Mark J. Philippon Arthroscopic Techniques of the Shoulder: A Visual Guide by Dr. Tal S. David and Dr. James R. AndrewsA Visual Guide Thomas J. Gill. REFERENCES . Ganley TJ, Flynn J.M. Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee. In: Micheli ... Am J Sports Med. 2006;34(7) : ... 1997;26(8):463-467. . Guhl JF. ... Micheli L, Curtis C, Shervin N. Articular cartilage repair in the adolescent athlete: is autologous chondrocyte implantation the answer?

Title:Arthroscopic Techniques of the Knee
Author:Thomas J. Gill
Publisher:SLACK Incorporated - 2009


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