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This is the second edition of Hanaan Rosenthals critically-acclaimed AppleScript book. It goes the extra mile to teach you AppleScript, explaining advanced topics without leaving you behind. AppleScript is the high-level scripting language that resides on the Mac platform. It can be used to add functionality to the Mac operating system, automate tasks, add functions, and generally make things easier. AppleScript has always been very useful, and with Mac OS X, you can take AppleScript further than before. This book begins with the basics like handling variables, loops, and commands. It proceeds with more advanced concepts like debugging, AppleScripting with databases, manipulating PDFs with SMILE, and automating media workflow. In a nutshell, this book: Takes you on a journey from novice to professional AppleScripter. Is completely comprehensive; nothing is left to the imagination. Is up-to-date through AppleScript 1.10/Mac OS X Tiger. If you are a Mac user who wants to know the real meaning of having full control over your machine, get into AppleScripting. And pick up this booka€”it really is the only guide you'll need to master the art of AppleScripting!The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X Hanaan Rosenthal ... Scripts for scripting iTunes fall into two categories: maintenance scripts and usability scripts. Maintenance scripts are great for features such asanbsp;...

Author:Hanaan Rosenthal
Publisher:Apress - 2006-09-21


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