Anti Obama Book

Anti Obama Book

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The Book That Exposes The Facts About Obama's Record In qThe Anti Obama Book - The Straight Facts As To Why Obama Sucksq, David Nordmark (author of qUnderstanding American Exceptionalism: What it is, how it came to be, and why it's fading) exposes Obama's sad record of ineptitude and failure. From the beginning he has been a media creation that the press has falsely presented as a wise, post-partisan leader. The reality is that he attained the highest office in the land with no executive experience and no record of accomplishment. What's worse is that he is a far left ideologue who only understands the American experience through the prism of trickle down government. He doesn't understand that what made America great was the freedom its citizens enjoyed, not the power exercised by Washington. To Ronald Reagan, America was a people who had a government. To Barack Obama, America is a government that has a people. In this way Obama does not understand the true nature of the country he nominally governs and it is this faulty mental makeup that has led him to a series of policy disasters in such areas as the economy and foreign affairs. qThe Anti Obama Bookq is a record of these disasters, including: Cash for Clunkers Being Radically Pro-Abortion Eric Holder Gun Control Treating Britain Poorly The Keystone Pipeline Reneging on the Missile Shield The Auto Bailout Failed Energy Policies Gutting Welfare Reform Religious Freedom Solyndra and qGreen Jobsq Undermining the Supreme Court Not Supporting The Iranian Green Revolution Fast and Furious Gutting The Military Not Leading On Afghanistan The Benghazi Scandal Undermining Israel Losing Iraq The Stimulus Program Obamacare Exploding The Debt The mainstream media, which for the most part shares his outlook, have done all they can to protect him, even going so far as to bury stories such as the Benghazi tragedy and cover-up. If you want to get the full overview of the failures that Obama and the mainstream press would rather have you forget, this is the book for you.a€œObama skirts rule of law to reward pals, punish foesa€. Washington Examiner . obamaskirtsrulelawrewardpalspunishfoes/114378 (May 24, 2012) Carnevale, Mary Lu. a€œObama: a#39;If You Like Youranbsp;...

Title:Anti Obama Book
Author:David Nordmark
Publisher:David Nordmark - 2012-12-13


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