Anti-Cheating Note and Solution

Anti-Cheating Note and Solution

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Cheaters are blatant in all multiplayer games, but for some games there is anti-cheat that kick and banned cheaters but in popular games the number of hackers and cheaters are such amazing that there is bypass or unban tool or file modifications, so cheaters are always in and destroy until ruin totally the game to be 80 per cent presents and only 20 per cent of players, the game becoming unplayable. When trying to do something if an anti-cheat is use, hackers makes new hacks and bypass the anti-cheat by hacking our computers for avoid the data sent and open hacked lobbies. When a game is incorporating a good anti-cheat, the address of memory that is written on our computers and read by the hack of the cheater, is randomly assignate each time the game is launched. The work of the hacker becomes impossible and expensive, when searching the address of memory to read to make his cheats. This book explain how to do this in all games, and for all processes running on our computers, and was never found by other authors or searchers knowing informatics. Before this universal solution for randomly assigns memory addresses by a transfer of all the memory, in all games and processes, other useless possibilities were accomplished. Such addresses are in numbers, 16 to power 8, but random memory usage is for 16 to power 7 addresses, so it becomes possible for a simple user to transfer memory in less than 10 minutes otherwise it takes 300 minutes for transferring memory in all possible addresses.Using cheat-engine or CFF file modifications for games arena#39;t recommended, there is a risk of be banned, cause ita#39;s considered as hacking, and ita#39;s easy to cheat with cheat-engine. You can use NewB program with exemple codes given in thisanbsp;...

Title:Anti-Cheating Note and Solution
Author:Michael Franiatte
Publisher:Michael Franiatte - 2014-10-03


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