ANOTHER JESUS, a Different Spirit, a Different Gospel

ANOTHER JESUS, a Different Spirit, a Different Gospel

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Ita€™s the Christmas seasona€”a€œthe most wonderful time of the yeara€ for most people in River City, California. But for Jehovaha€™s Witnesses Lawrence and Brad, ita€™s a time for them to try to explain a€œthe trutha€ about this holiday season to the people of the community. Their earnest efforts may earn them ridicule, disagreement, or a door slammed rudely in their faces, but they persista€”and are sometimes able to find a mind and heart receptive to their urgent message about Jehovaha€™s coming Kingdom. Whereas for Elders Skousen and Marshalla€”two Latter-day Saint (Mormon) missionariesa€”the season is another opportunity to share their Churcha€™s distinctive interpretation of the Christian gospel; but their efforts are often rebuffed, as well. In the course of their work, these two pairs of men engage in dialogue with traditional Christians, as well as members of the Church of Christ; the Community of Christ (RLDS); Seventh-day Adventists; and a€œOnenessa€ Pentecostalsa€”not to mention skeptics, atheists, and the increasing numbers of people who lack any particular religious beliefs. But when a local church brings in a researcher to give a series of lectures on a€œCultsa€a€”and specifically targeting the Jehovaha€™s Witnesses and Mormonsa€”a confrontation is ensured, where theological and biblical concepts collide in a public forum. Who, if anyone, really has a€œthe Trutha€? Can one still discover the a€œtrue meaning of Christmasa€ in the midst of passionate disagreements over the validity of the holiday season? Are objections raised about the secularization and rampant commercialism of the modern celebration valid? Spend a holiday season (or any other season) with some interesting and intellectually-stimulating characters, as they explore these and other challenging questions. (Readers of the authora€™s earlier novel, A Multicultural Christmas, will be pleased to see a brief reappearance of two characters from that book.)Thomas F.: The Mormons Ostling, Richard aamp; Joan: Mormon America: The Power and the Promise Shipps, Jan: Mormonism: The ... LDS BOOKS (GENERAL, DOCTRINAL) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Handbook 2: Administering the Church (available at: ... and Covenants and Church History Student Study Guide Seminary and Institute Student Manuals on CD-ROM Beginning Course Kit onanbsp;...

Title:ANOTHER JESUS, a Different Spirit, a Different Gospel
Author:Steven H. Propp
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-12-13


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