Annihilation : Almost

Annihilation : Almost

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We, the mankind, had pushed the self-destruct button a long time back and are currently in the final stages of the countdown, the end of which would mean the end of mankind, the end of this world, and perhaps, the end of the planet. This book is an attempt to show how mankinda€™s blind lust for power and supremacy can lead to its end. It is also an interesting insight into the complications that can rise out of our overdependence on technology and can accelerate our drive on the path to self-destruction. The booka€™s plot revolves around the use of an ancient language in mankinda€™s battle against its nemesis Alexander and also showcases how our science is regressive, not progressive. The protagonists manage to defeat Alexander but fail to stop him from launching nuclear missiles. And that is where the plot turns a new corner.There were two more tunnels-the northern tunnel housing the Water pumping station control unit, and, the southern tunnel that had the ... There were more than a thousand commandos guarding the facility, six anti-aircraft guns, a missile defense shield whose navigation was satelliteguided, ten armored vehicles, six jeep-mounted guns and several dozen wall-mounted heavy machine guns. ... The memory of MAXIMUS was 40% higher and power consumption was 10% lower overall.

Title:Annihilation : Almost
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2013-12-18


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