Animal Rites

Animal Rites

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In Animal Rites, Cary Wolfe examines contemporary notions of humanism and ethics by reconstructing a little known but crucial underground tradition of theorizing the animal from Wittgenstein, Cavell, and Lyotard to LAcvinas, Derrida, A½iA¾ek, Maturana, and Varela. Through detailed readings of how discourses of race, sexuality, colonialism, and animality interact in twentieth-century American culture, Wolfe explores what it means, in theory and critical practice, to take seriously qthe question of the animal.q... faces did not form loci of resonance that select the sensed or mental reality and make it conform in advance to a dominant reality. ... See Brian Massumi, A Usera#39;s Guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Deviations from Deleuze and Guattari ... Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which the android Commander Data argues in courta€”success- fullya€”for his right not to ... and of ape- language experiments in general, see her essay in The Great Ape Project: Equality beyond Humanity, ed.

Title:Animal Rites
Author:Cary Wolfe
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2003-02-01


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