Angry Waiters

Angry Waiters

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Want to be a Waiter on a luxury Cruise Ship? W-HELL-come onboard! You'll be arguing with moaning Passengers, fighting with prof-ass-ional workmates, selling your shifts and buying your sleep; your socks will be stolen, your money will be lost and your favourite girl will be s-crew-ed by the man you hate; you will pursue lobsters, dance with Baked Alaskas and run away with ice-creams... but you won't be allowed to eat any; you will clash with viruses and bacteria, learn how to lie and become a perfect thief; you will receive indecent proposals from people of your same sex, live in a shared windowless cabin as big as a coffin and prepare deadly poisons to clean your silverware; you will be forced to smile, push for the wine and never say NO!; you will receive complaints for meaningless reasons, collect warnings for peanut pastries, compelled to throw away your tips, work hard when you are tired, steal food from the kitchen, denied help when you are in deep shit brata, shout and scream and punch and feel... angry: VERY ANGRY. You will be a very ANGRY WAITER. Come on! We are waiting for you!Its code is locked and it doesna#39;t matter how many PIN or PUK codes I put: the phone is self locked. Forever. Weeks before, on this island, I bought one of the things Ia#39;m most proud of having: a massive stereo. A massive stereo with 2 speakersanbsp;...

Title:Angry Waiters
Author:Federico Fumagalli
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-06


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