Angels and Miracles, Grief and Hope

Angels and Miracles, Grief and Hope

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Pastor Jim Knotek has experienced quite a few miracles and healings among his parishioners and, especially, at home with his family. Miracles certainly fascinate us; even so, we must focus not on the miracle but on the miracle-maker, Jesus Christ. There would be no other reason for a miracle, unless Jesus was at the very center of it. He and His angels are continually watching over. Angels and miracles are interrelated, intertwined under all conditions and circumstances. As Goda€™s children, we are in a very unique relationship with Him and His angels. Angels and Miracles, Grief and Hope, includes the word grief because most of us have had firsthand knowledge of death and grief among our immediate family, relatives, or friends. Grief and death are not pleasant thoughts, but unfortunately, we cana€™t get away from those unwelcome intruders. The sadness and desolation of dealing with Alzheimera€™s disease and the trauma of losing a spouse are wrapped in the knowledge that there is life after death and that Jesus Christ is God! In his memoir, Pastor Knotek tells his story and shares the glory of God and the place that miracles and angels play in the biggest miraclea€”life!Please, may it have an automatic transmission and low mileage and, if possible, may it be blue. ... The next Sunday, after attending worship services, I checked the newspaper, and there was advertised a car which seemed ideal, with an ... When we arrived at the address, there it was in the driveway, a blue Ford Falcon.

Title:Angels and Miracles, Grief and Hope
Author:Pastor Jim Knotek
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-06-20


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