Android Deception

Android Deception

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Keep Your Enemies Close, and Androids Closera€b Picking up just days after the end of Android Paradox, X and Shortcut are back, and so is their highly intelligent foe. This time, the entire city is the battleground. A struggle for the security of the world begins, filled with androids, crazy fights, quirky technology, and action that will keep you guessing. The future belongs to humans and androidsa€bor is that a deception? androids, android revolution, singularity, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence books, science fiction, book 1 in series, robot series, singularity series, robot revolution, android singularity, android revolution, robot apocalypse, robot rebellion, technothriller, adventure, action adventure, thriller, suspense, technology, futuristic, future, futuristic fiction, books with technology, advanced technology, chase, fight scenes, android battles, books about robots, books about androids, thrillers 100 must reads, future fiction, robotic laws, artificial intelligence singularity, AI, AI apocalypse, AI science fiction, AI rebellion, evil AI, evil artificial intelligence, evil androids, evil robotsa€œHow do you know my name?a€ a€œJust because you live in the badlands ... a€œ Something about an Android Winter. She wanted your black box really ... Shortcut brought up a screenshot of Jeanettea#39;s laboratory. Jeanette was lying on the floor, andanbsp;...

Title:Android Deception
Author:Michael La Ronn
Publisher:Ursabrand Media -


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