And in Health

And in Health

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This book offers engaging and digestible lessons for couples navigating the life change that a cancer diagnosis brings. Dan Shapiro draws on his more than twenty-five years of clinical work as a health psychologist who has researched and worked with couples facing cancer, and on his own experiences of being both the patient (having and beating Hodgkina€™s lymphoma in his twenties) and the supporter/advocate (when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer) to weave together insights on facing cancer while maintaining a strong relationship. And in Health gives advice in short lessons on the main areas of concern or conflict that can come from life with cancera€”from diagnosis to treatment and life post-treatment. Topics include: How to forge yourselves into a powerful team and evade common conflicts Dealing with physicians and getting the best care possible, along with tips for navigating the medical world Strategies for coping with the emotions that can interfere with your relationshipa€”anger, mood swings, spouse fears, and depression Distinguishing between supportive and draining people in your lives, and learning to invite and accept help Opening to new types of intimacy and making peace with dependenceYoua#39;re going to feel the boat start to jump and spray in your face. ... And then wea#39;ll be off and downstream. ... in twelve weeks, and by then youa#39;ll want to find the surgeon and scrawl a€œLiar Liar Pants on Firea€ in permanent marker on her lab coat .

Title:And in Health
Author:Dan Shapiro
Publisher:Shambhala Publications - 2013-06-11


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