Ancient Wars c.2500BCE–500CE

Ancient Wars c.2500BCE–500CE

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The ancient world was a time when advanced edged weapons made of metal, sophisticated bows and siege engines replaced the basic weaponry of the prehistoric era, and great generals such as Alexander the Great developed battle tactics and strategies that are still studied today. This volume looks at the battles that were fought across the globe, whether it was the epic naval battles of Greece, or archers on elephants in India. The Ancient Wars c.2500BCE-500CE a€“ the first volume in the Encyclopedia of Warfare Series a€“ shows the conflicts that raged for two millennia as the first governments emerged and states began to develop. Starting with the earliest battles known to history, this is a chronological guide to conflict on every continent, from the Macedonian and Roman Empires to the great Chinese dynasties, from the early battles for Jerusalem to Hadriana€™s Wall, from the sieges of Troy to the fall of Rome. It tells the stories of how entire cities were razed to the ground, and how misjudgements of terrain and bad weather led to crushing defeats on the battlefield. Featuring full colour maps illustrating the formations and strategies used, plus narrative descriptions of the circumstances behind each battle, this is a comprehensive guide to the conflicts of the ancient world. The Encyclopedia of Warfare Series is an authoritative compendium of almost five millennia of conflict, from the ancient world to the Arab Spring. Written in a style accessible to both the student and the general enthusiast, it reflects the latest thinking among military historians and will prove an indispensible reference guide.1859a€“61, Napoleona#39;s Conquest of Europe: The War of the Third Coalition and Napoleonic Wars. ... Capture a King: Okinawa 1609, TheArt ofRenaissance Warfare: From theFall of Constantinople tothe ThirtyYearsWar, as well as Samurai: The Japanese Warriora#39;s (Unofficial) Manual. He was a consultant for the PC gamesShogun: TotalWar and Shogun 2: Total War, as well as the feature film 47Ronin.

Title:Ancient Wars c.2500BCE–500CE
Author:Multiple Authors
Publisher:Amber Books Ltd - 2014-01-23


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