Analog Integrated Circuits

Analog Integrated Circuits

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IC Op-amp ApplicationsOp-amp Fundamentals (brief review of differential amplifier, current mirror, active load, level shifter, output stage; a.c. and d.c. characteristics), Basic building blocks using Op-amps.Inverting/Non-inverting VCVS, Integrators, Differentiators, CCVS and VCCS, Instrumentation AmplifiersWaveform GeneratorSquare Wave Generators : 555 Timer, Crystal controlled Oscillator.Ramp Generator : Triangle generator, Sawtooth generator.Sine wave generator : Requirement for sinusoidal oscillations, Wien bridge and Twin-T oscillators.Function Generators : Multiop-amp function generators, IC function generators.Digitally Controlled Frequency Synthesizer : PLL fundamentals, PLL synthesizer, Totally digital synthesizer.Active Filters Introduction to Filtering : Frequency response, Characteristics and terminology, Active versus passive filters.Low Pass Filter : First order low pass active filter, Second order active filter model, Second order low pass filter characteristics, Sallen-Key unity gain filter, Sallen-Key equal component filter, Higher order filters.High Pass Active Filter.Band Pass Filter : Single op-amp band pass filter, Multistage band pass filter.State variable filter.Non-linear CircuitsLogarithmic amplifiers, Log/Antilog modules, Precision rectifier, Peak detector, Sample and hold circuits, Op-amp as comparators, Schmitt trigger, Square and triangular wave generator, Monostable multivibrator.IC Analog multiplier applicationsOTA.Voltage RegulatorsOp-amp regulators, IC regulators, Fixed voltage regulators (78/79, XX), SMPS.9.29 shows the waveforms of adaptive delta modulator and sequence of bits. - P0 (t) , ma#39;(t) aquot;5. Binary one bit- quantized signal Fig. 9.29 Waveforms of adaptive delta modulation To recover original analog signal from adaptive delta modulatedanbsp;...

Title:Analog Integrated Circuits
Author:A.P.Godse U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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