An Owner's Manual For Men

An Owner's Manual For Men

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Being a man in todaya€™s society is no easy task. Men are confused and worried about their role as lovers, fathers, protectors, leaders, bread winners and role models. Men rarely realize just what is expected of them and even when they do, how to respond to those expectations can often be elusive. In An Ownera€™s Manual For Men, Author Joe Nickaloff combines vast experience, insight and humor to teach you the many things you need to know to be happy, successful, respected and fulfilled - to become the best man you are capable of being. You will learn all about how to get the most out of your life and the one male machine you were given to work with, all in quick, no nonsense lessons that you will find enlightening and easy to understand. Improve Your Sex Life - Get the Most out of Your Career Understand Love, Women, Marriage and Divorce Build Character - Be A Great Leader - Create Wealth Make Good Decisions - Deal with Failure and Defeat Handle Bad News - Beat Depression - Be a Great Parent Enjoy Good Mental and Physical Health - Cope with Stress Find Real Happiness - Become An Expert Crisis Manager Understand Self-Delusion, Revenge, Guilt and Regret -and much more- Ladies, you will also find An Ownera€™s Manual For Men an invaluable guide to understanding what makes your man tick and how best to work with him to create a great life together. Hea€™ll thank you for reading it and when you are done, give it to him. There has never been a resource like this for men to turn to until now. In An Owners Manual For Men, men of all ages will find the answers to many of lifea€™s big and little mysteries.The lender retains the right to foreclose if payments are not kept current just as was the case before your bankruptcy. ... In some cases, a persona#39;s credit score can be very low because ofa bad payment history and a bankruptcy may actually anbsp;...

Title:An Owner's Manual For Men
Author:Joe Nickaloff
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-12-02


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