An Orientation to Music Education

An Orientation to Music Education

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qAn Orientation to Music Education: Structural Knowledge for Music Teachingq focuses on the thoughtful consideration of strategies for successful teaching in both the required and elective music curricula. Practioners agree that teacher clarity and student understanding of the purpose of daily and longer-range instruction are critical in all settings and styles of teaching and learning. With this consensus, the importance of organizing teaching and learning so that they result in effective practice requires all teachers to think in terms of the several types of objectives, and the various strategies, that allow meaningful feedback to reach both individuals and classrooms of learners. Teachers are the only individual who should make the final decisions on instructional priorities; to help the teacher do this effectively, the text provides a background of elements a, the reform movement that affect how teachers make these critical decisions. Practice in making these decisions is then provided throughout the text by engaging students in thinking and discussion activities of the possible goals and venues of instruction. Written for both pre-service and in-service teachers, the text stresses the use of what is known from research and experience about successful music teaching including: The musician's preparing to teach The twenty-first-century music program The reform movement and its controversies for teachers and students Reforms in teacher education Psychological and sociological issues in establishing priorities Tools for organizing instruction in diverse educational settings, including educational taxonomies ranging from Bloom to Marzano and Anderson, reflective of current learning theories Becoming and being a music teacherStructural Knowledge for Music Teaching Richard Colwell, Lizabeth Ann Wing ... verbs is in determining whether the objective has been met, as no one has seen aquot; an appreciationaquot; or an aquot;awareness. ... Thinking in terms of outcomes highlights the need to connect objectives with their assessment. ... There would, of course, be a range of acceptable answers (outcomes) for this understanding objective.

Title:An Orientation to Music Education
Author:Richard Colwell, Lizabeth Ann Wing
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2004


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