an odd boy - volume three [paperback]

an odd boy - volume three [paperback]

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Volume Three of an odd boy tells of the foundation course at Farnham Art School from '70 to '72. At Hatch Mill-the warren of wonders-the author steps out of time into a world of creative camaraderie where every meeting is a scene from a surrealist play. '72 marked the end of the '60s gestalt. Before the final curtain call however, a tumult of bizarre scenes tumble across the panchromatic stage: strange liaisons with transient heroes and heroines of the lost time; the Farnham Blues Festival; and, 'the religion of Art' entwined with burlesque love stories. He meets with Liverpool Poets - Adrian Henry and Roger McGough. Poetry and oil painting co-mingle with loves won and lost. He finds himself-for a bare month-as a rising star on the British Blues scene - but with the death of Jimi Hendrix, it's the end of an era. He steps off the stage, takes to the road - and arrives, ironically, at the ever-familiar crossroads.George Gershwin/Ira Gershwina€”I Got Rhythma€”1930 Old man trouble was said to be a Bluesmana#39;s bread and butter a€“ but I was mainly singing in the rain and all those good things. The crux of my existential dilemma, was that it was not reallyanbsp;...

Title:an odd boy - volume three [paperback]
Author:Doc Togden - 2014


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