An Introduction to Windows 8

An Introduction to Windows 8

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To the first time user, the beautiful yet seemingly strange Metro User Interface of a Windows 8 computer can create nothing more than instant confusion or setback for commencing even the most basic tasks. The multitudes of flexibilities in Windows 8 have showed some of the ways Microsoft has reengineered the Windows interface for a new generation of touch-centric hardware, and a generation of users who craves for a more simplified yet futuristic Operating System. For a novice, and even the average computer user, the functional nature of Windows 8 may seem to be nothing more than a technology drawn from an advance alien planet. Hence, this Reference Book (by Software Engineer, Dennis Adonis) is intended to address the possible challenges that can be faced by first time users of the Windows 8 Operating System.Under the Lock Screen customization page, you can change the lock screen background and allow selected applications to add details and ... Qa#39;[lta‚nla#39; USETS Ge ne ral Add a user Change time zone and keyboard settings. or refresh your PC.

Title:An Introduction to Windows 8
Author:Dennis Adonis
Publisher:Dennis Adonis - 2012-01-30


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