An introduction to thermodynamics

An introduction to thermodynamics

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The laws of thermodynamics the science that deals with energy and its transformation have wide applicability in several branches of engineering and science. The revised edition of this introductory text for undergraduate engineering courses covers the physical concepts of thermodynamics and demonstrates the underlying principles through practical situations. The traditional classical (macroscopic) approach is used in this text. Numerous solved examples and more than 550 unsolved problems (included as chapter-end exercises) will help the reader gain confidence for applying the principles of thermodynamics in real-life problems. Sufficient data needed for solving problems have been included in the appendices.(d) 1 .5 bar if the specific entropy is 6.5 kJ/kg K. 3.24 Making use of the steam tables, determine the volume occupied by 5 kg of steam at 20 bar and 350AdC. 3.25 ... Making use of the Mollier diagram, estimate the final temperature of steam .

Title:An introduction to thermodynamics
Author:Y. V. C. Rao
Publisher:Universities Press - 2004-01-01


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