An Introduction to

An Introduction to "How Does Your Engine Run?"

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INTRODUCTORY BOOKLET is an excerpt from the first chapter of the Leader's Guide. It is an overview of the program. Parents often use it as resource to give to a teacher to have them understand what they are doing with their child. Therapists often give this booklet to parents to understand what their child is working on in therapy. Teachers often appreciate this concise summary of what the child might be learning at home or with their therapist. This 24-page booklet provides the underlying theory and key concepts of the Alert Program in an easy-to-read fashion. It can be shared with other parents, teachers and therapists who want to enhance students' self-regulation. In addition, the booklet has been widely used as a stand-alone source for those familiar with sensory processing and self-regulation theory. Use this outstanding, concise resource to promote understanding and to support your educational and theraputic programs. BookletDIRECTIONS: This checklist was developed to help adults recognize what strategies their own nervous systems employ to attain an appropriate state of alertness. Mark the items below that you use to increase (T) or to decrease (i) your state ofanbsp;...

Title:An Introduction to "How Does Your Engine Run?"
Author:Mary Sue Williams, Sherry Shellenberger
Publisher:TherapyWorks, Inc. - 1996


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