An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture

An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture

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This book breaks with convention and provides an overview of Chinese history in the form of special topics. These topics include the major issues of a€œA Scientific Approach to the Origins of Chinese Civilization, a€ a€œAncient Chinese Society and the Change of Dynasties, a€ a€œThe Golden Ages of the Han, Tang and Qing Dynasties: a Comparative Analysis, a€ a€œTransportation Systems and Cultural Communication in Ancient China, a€ a€œEthnic Relations in Chinese History, a€ a€œThe Systems of Politics, Law and Selecting Officials in Ancient China, a€ a€œAgriculture, Handicraft and Commerce in Ancient China, a€ a€œThe Military Thought and Military Systems of Ancient China, a€ a€œThe Rich and Colorful Social Life in Ancient China, a€ a€œThe Evolution of Ancient Chinese Thought, a€ a€œThe Treasure House of Ancient Chinese Literature and Art, a€ a€œThe Emergence and Progress of Ancient Chinese Historiography, a€ a€œReflection on Ancient Chinese Science and Technology, a€ a€œNew Issues in the Modern History of China, a€ and a€œA General Progression to the Socialist Modernization of the Peoplea€™s Republic of China.a€ The book is based on current literature and research by university students. The modern history section is relatively concise, while the topics related to ancient Chinese history are longer, reflecting the countrya€™s rich history and corresponding wealth of materials. There is also an in-depth discussion on the socialist modernization of the Peoplea€™s Republic of China. The book provides insights into Chinese history, allowing readers a€œto see the value of civilization through history; to see the preciseness of history through civilization.a€ It focuses on the social background, lifestyle and development processes to illustrate ideologies and ideas.The painted areas on the surface of the pottery are much more extensive than in other cultures, with the outer layer and the rim fully painted with detailed flower patterns. The inner layer of some highly intricate pottery and some texturedanbsp;...

Title:An Introduction to Chinese History and Culture
Author:Qizhi Zhang
Publisher:Springer - 2015-04-15


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