An Illustrated History of the Haunted World

An Illustrated History of the Haunted World

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An Illustrated History of the Haunted World describes key events and important personalities in the paranormal world from the first references to ghosts in Neolithic cave paintings to the modern day obsession with media ghosts. Opening with a history of hauntings throughout the ages, the book delves into the origins of festivals that honour the dead and their links to the realm of the paranormal. The following chapter then examines ghost photography from a modern perspective, covering everything from renowned 'ghost' images to the lesswell-known, and various unexplained apparitions, including orbs, fogs and vortices. The second half of the book deals with the history of spirit communication, providing a who's-who of key figures within the world of mediums and the paranormal, alongside a detailed look at the numerous methods and tools that have been employed over the centuries.Jason Karl. BELOW: Hydromancy can be practiced using a bowl of water, or at a stream or river ... The movements spell the answers to questions or problems posed to the spirit land, interpreted by the watcher. In other forms of Hydromancy aanbsp;...

Title:An Illustrated History of the Haunted World
Author:Jason Karl
Publisher:New Holland Publishers - 2007


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