An Encyclopedia of American Women at War

An Encyclopedia of American Women at War

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In America, the achievements, defeats, and glory of war are traditionally ascribed to men. Women, however, have been an integral part of our country's military history from the very beginning. This unprecedented encyclopedia explores the accomplishments and actions of the qfairer sexq in the various conflicts in which the United States has fought. qAn Encyclopedia of American Women at War: From the Home Front to the Battlefieldsq contains entries on all of the major themes, organizations, wars, and biographies related to the history of women and the American military. The book traces the evolution of their roles--as leaders, spies, soldiers, and nurses--and illustrates women's participation in actions on the ground as well as in making the key decisions of developing conflicts. From the colonial conflicts with European powers to the current War on Terror, coverage is comprehensive, with material organized in an easy-to-use, A-Z, ready-reference format.As director, Galloway focused on increasing the job opportunities for women in the WAC, believing that women were in the military to assume any and all noncombat roles. She believed that military service was a natural role for women citizensanbsp;...

Title:An Encyclopedia of American Women at War
Author:Lisa Tendrich Frank
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2013


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