An Analog Electronics Companion

An Analog Electronics Companion

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Engineers and scientists frequently find themselves having to get involved in electronic circuit design even though this may not be their specialty. This book is specifically designed for these situations, and has two major advantages for the inexperienced designer: it assumes little prior knowledge of electronics and it takes a modular approach, so you can find just what you need without working through a whole chapter. The first three parts of the book start by refreshing the basic mathematics and physics needed to understand circuit design. Part four discusses individual components (resistors, capacitors etc.), while the final and largest section describes commonly encountered circuit elements such as differentiators, oscillators, filters and couplers. A major bonus and learning aid is the inclusion of a CD-ROM with the student edition of the PSpice simulation software, together with models of most of the circuits described in the book.Basic Circuit Design for Engineers and Scientists Scott Hamilton ... Grivet P. ( 1970): The Physics of Transmission Lines at High and Very High Frequencies, Vols 1 and 2, New York; Academic Press. ... Wai-Kai (Ed.) The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Boca Raton: CRC Press and IEEE Press. ... Nahman N. S., Holt D. R. (1972): ... 4.10 Crystals The aim of science is not to open 382 Part 4 Circuit elements.

Title:An Analog Electronics Companion
Author:Scott Hamilton
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2007-04-26


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