An American Queer: The Amazon Trail

An American Queer: The Amazon Trail

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This collection of Lee Lynch's columns chronicles over a quarter century of queer life in the United States, from the last decades of the twentieth century into the twenty-first. A’From the beginning of my writing career, I just wanted to write about lesbian/gay life as I experienced it. Like so many, I came from a place of great isolation. At the same time, being gay filled me with great pride and joy. Writers Jane Rule, Isabelle Miller, Radclyffe Hall, Valerie Taylor, Ann Bannon, and Vin Packer gave me inspiration and even the lesbian companionship I needed as a baby dyke. More than anything, I want to give to gay people what those writers gave me. And I want to do it well enough that my words might someday be considered literature and, as such, might endure because, as open as some societies have become, there are always haters, and cycles of oppression. Our writers strengthen us, offer a sense of solidarity and validation that we are both more than our sexualities and are among the best that humanity offers.A“I could take my first checks and buy the MacBook Air Ia#39;d been drooling over. Tempting, but kind of splurgy for a semiretiree. I could stash the whole yeara#39;s paymentsa€”down to eleven months by nowa€”in the bank and have it as a cushion .

Title:An American Queer: The Amazon Trail
Author:Lee Lynch
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2014-10-01


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