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(Book). Electric guitar players can choose from a library full of guitar books, but comparatively little has been written about the other 50% of the electric guitar: the amplifier. This book takes a giant step toward redressing the balance, providing the first overall view of amp-dom, including: how amps work, profiles of the major manufacturers, 'transistor dinosaurs' and their place in amp history, reissues vs. vintage amps, and troubleshooting. Terms are defined in the margin as they are introduced, and plenty of photos and diagrams illuminate the text.semiconductor: A material that lets electricity travel in only one direction. series: Two or more electrical devices connected one after the other ... The voice coil is a length of wire wound around a hollow form, with the magnet placed in its center.

Author:Ritchie Fliegler, Jon F. Eiche
Publisher:Hal Leonard Corporation - 1993


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