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Does your real age match the age you feel? When do we reach middle age? When, if ever, are we old? The way we age and the way we perceive age has changed radically. As we embrace new experiences, relationships and gadgets, we barely stop to look at our watches let alone consider whether our behaviour is 'age appropriate'. In this provocative and timely book, Catherine Mayer looks at the forces that created amortality - the term she coined to describe the phenomenon of living agelessly. As she follows this social epidemic through generations and across continents, she reveals its profound impact on society, our careers, our families and ourselves. Why be defined by numbers? Are you amortal?1 December 1991 [bid a#39;Who is buying the ila#39;ad. and will they also buy an iPhone?a#39; Roger ... 2003 lbid lbid a#39;Scion sales will near 100.000 in 2011: CEOa#39;. ... 9 August 2010 a#39;Showroom Showdown: Honda Element vs Scion xBa#39;. ... 3 August 2010 196 Sport Diving: the British Sub-Aqua: Club Diving Manual, Stanley 277 NOTES.

Author:Catherine Mayer
Publisher:Random House - 2011-05-12


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