American Jihad

American Jihad

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It is June of 2013 when Amshel Dumont, CEO of Goldman Sachs investment bank, awakens to a blissful ocean breeze outside his window. As he awaits his phone to ring, just as it does every morning at six o'clock, he notices a card on his bedside table. Thirty seconds later, Dumont is dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Dumont is the first victim of many. After more bankers and the NSA's chief computer scientist are murdered, the FBI, CIA and military go on full alert as the financial markets plummet. No one has any idea that a Mormon religious warrior known as the Danite has returned to the United States from Afghanistan, ready to unleash Jihad against his homeland after being betrayed by his own government. After the Danite rallies militiamen across the United States to battle with the American fascist police state and Washington, DC, he begins a terrorist campaign against the corrupted new world order president. As the ultimate patriot makes a pact with the devil, death, destruction, and chaos follow his every move. In this gripping thriller, the Danite is prepared to do anything to show his loyal countrymen that freedom and liberty are still worth the ultimate sacrifice. qTHIS NOVEL HAS IT ALL!!! FEMA Camps, false flags, crooked politicians, Patriots, Militias...It's a fun read and I tore through it!q a€”THE PREPPER WEBSITE ( Patriota#39;s Journal of Hell in the Heartland Tom Haluszczak Jr ... These three tankers were directed at speed into the gates and thence towards the aircraft runways where F-117s were lined up in ... pick-up trucks. It is believed said dynamite was stolen from large local caches of explosives utilized in silver mining throughoutanbsp;...

Title:American Jihad
Author:Tom Haluszczak Jr
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-04


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