American Independent Cinema

American Independent Cinema

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From sex, lies and videotape in the 1980s to The Blair Witch Project and New Queer Cinema in the 1990s and the ultra-low budget digital video features of the 2000s, indie films have thrived and stand out from the dominant Hollywood mainstream. But what exactly is a€˜independenta€™ cinema? This, the ideal textbook and general read on indie cinema, shows that independence can be defined partly in industry terms but also according to formal and aesthetic strategies and by distinctive attitudes towards social and political issues, suggesting that independence is a dynamic rather than a fixed quality. Chapters focus on distribution and relationships with Hollywood studios; narrative (Clerks and Slacker to Pulp Fiction, Magnolia and Memento) and other formal dimensions (from Blair Witcha€™s a€˜authenticitya€™ to expressive and stylized camerawork and editing in work from Harmony Korine to the Coen brothers); approaches to genre and alternative socio-political visions.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 33, 166 Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 5 Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The, 7, 19, 167-8 The ... 32 Timecode, 112 Time- Warner, 1, 26, 41 Tongues Untied, 241 To Sleep with Anger, 209, 210 Totally Fucked Up, 83, 232, ... 220 Troma, 192 Trouble with Perpetual Deja-vu, The, 121 Truffaut, Francois, 108 Trust, 187-188 Turner, Ted, 4 1, 42, ... 146-147, 154, 160, 227 Verow, Todd, 121, 231-232, 263 Vestron, 22, 25 video market, 18, 22, 24 Vinterberg, Thomas, anbsp;...

Title:American Independent Cinema
Author:Geoff King
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2014-09-08


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