American Government: Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives

American Government: Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives

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AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: HISTORICAL, POPULAR, AND GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, Second Edition broadens studentsa€™ understanding of American government by encouraging them to examine the subject matter through three distinct perspectives. Organized institutions first, Dautrich/Yalof offers a detailed overview of the rich historical evolution of American government, a thorough examination of the publica€™s influence on government and public policy, and a fresh look at American government from the perspective of others around the world. The enhanced student focus of the second edition is evident in the new learning objectives, critical thinking questions, and the new Your Perspective feature, which illustrates the many ways students have and can become involved in American government. With its three vivid perspectives and updated coverage and analysis through the 2010 midterm elections, Dautrich/Yalof is an exciting, student-friendly text that offers students a new way to understand and appreciate American government. This book uniquely addresses the concepts of this course through the following perspectives. Historical Perspective-A look at how course concepts relate events in the past to current events. Through such a view, students gain an understanding that the political process is sound, has worked for years and will work for years to come. Popular Perspective- Students who are provided a way to take the political winds of change associated with popular opinion are able to understand why certain events transpired the way they did and gain a deeper appreciation for the nuances of the American political system. The Political Perspective provides them with such an experience. Global Perspective- Not to be confused with a comparative analysis, the Global perspectives allow an instructor to demonstrate how the US political system is viewed by the media, political elites and the public in other parts of the world. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.Federalist Papers A series of articles authored by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, which argued in ... James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote seventy-seven essays explaining and defending the new Constitution and urging its ratification. ... divides the government into so many parts (federal versus state; legislative versus executive versus judicial branches; and soanbsp;...

Title:American Government: Historical, Popular, and Global Perspectives
Author:Kenneth Dautrich, David Yalof
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2011-01-01


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