Alliteration, Again and Again

Alliteration, Again and Again

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The genesis of the alliterations in this book was an email exchange in 2001 with a colleague in Albany, New York. In the emails, we traded alliterations back and forth, variously signing our emails a€œPhrantic in Philadelphiaa€, a€œAccommodating in Albanya€, a€œPerplexed in Philadelphiaa€ and finally, a€œAlliterative in Albanya€. This email exchange was ultimately the inspiration for my first alliteration about the city of Albany. I then set myself the challenge of exploring the alliterative possibilities of each letter of the alphabet and this slim volume of alliterative verse, Alliteration, Again and Again, is the culmination of that endeavor. My earnest hope is that this work will not be dismissed as: a€œAlliteration, an author affliction and awful addiction, avoiding any actual artistic achievement.a€!F a€œFooda€ Food is a fascinating topic. The changing fashions and tastes in food and wine can be traced through the collection of the Nobel Banquet menus beginning in 1901. Sherry was the aperitif of choice in the early 1900s, but fell out ofanbsp;...

Title:Alliteration, Again and Again
Author:Larry J. Kricka
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-04


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