All That Is Seen And Unseen

All That Is Seen And Unseen

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In the pre-Katrina boom days of 2005, executive consultant Jim Wright was dispatched to a community college in El Pequeno, a middling town located in the backwaters of Californiaa€™s Central Valley. His mission: to parlay a perfunctory a€œtechnology assessmenta€ stint into a lucrative long-term management contract for his firm. To Jim, experienced, wily, charismatic, the assignment seemed a piece of cake. He couldna€™t have been more wrong. Three years later, the boom over, his career and life in shambles, Jim sits at home in Greensboro, North Carolina, awaiting with mixed feelings the imminent visit of two former Pequeno colleagues: Mina Hussein, with whom he has remained on friendly email terms, and Grace Kirchner, once Jima€™s fervent admirer, pet and object of forbidden desire, who mysteriously cut off contact after resigning from the college. While the two young women drive from California to North Carolina, and Jim follows their progress on Google Maps, all three are forced to revisit their memories of the fateful year they worked together, puzzling out professional challenges, political intrigues and personal entanglements, in the process exploring the conflicts between corporate logic and ethical imperatives, and coming to grips with the meaning of love.She wishes she was driving her own Subaru Forester instead of Gracea#39;s rattling old Toyota Corolla with its manual transmission and tendency to blow across the road at the first gust of wind. a€œNo flood, no tornado in sight. On the other hand, anbsp;...

Title:All That Is Seen And Unseen
Author:Dominique Laurent Pfaff
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-01-03


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