All that Glitters

All that Glitters

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Nick Poloa€™s latest case finds him on familiar San Francisco turf where a Russian antiques dealer has hired him to locate Anna, the stunning holder of a valuable Mongol paitzaa€”a dog tag of sortsa€”originally worn by Ogodie Khan. Using no more than a defunct phone number and a grainy photograph of Anna, Polo soon catches up with the paitza's guardian. But before he can bring Anna and the treasure to his client, a rival investigator who is also hunting for the paitza winds up on a U.S. Army Fort with a slit throat. To catch the murderer and retrieve the Mongol badge, Nick must out-maneuver a United States Park Police officer, tanning salon prostitutes, military intelligence agents, and a shady German Consulate attache. Praise for Jerry Kennealy and the Nick Polo series: Green With Envy qThe sixth Nick Polo story again blends the Pi's wry commentary on modern societya€”especially as experienced in San Franciscoa€”with fast- paced adventure to create a thoroughly entertaining romp.q a€”Publishers Weekly qA fine entry in this underrated series.q a€”Kirkus Reviews Polo's Wild Card qKennealy has a knack for weaving local scandal with San Francisco topography... Add to this the latest methods in picking locks, buying burglar gloves, computer hacking (private-eye style), and use of criminal indexes... we get quite a bit for our money from ex-con and ex-cop Polo.q a€”San Francisco Chronicle qPolo's at his most raffishly amusing throughout... Highly recommended for people who read mysteries for the detective's company....q a€”Kirkus Reviews Polo in the Rough qDiverting caper featuring PI Nick Polo... Kennealy, a PI himself, weaves a series of twists and turns that reveal a sure-handed knowledge of detective work.q a€”Publishers Weekly qKennealy's finely crafted stories always hold my interest. Never a wasted word.q a€”San Francisco ExaminerI knew he lived in the apartment above the store, but there was no response to that door, either. I made a quick stop at my flat, where I disconnected the fax machine from the phone line and stuffed it and the operation manual in a canvas anbsp;...

Title:All that Glitters
Author:Jerry Kennelay
Publisher:Speaking Volumes - 2015-08-19


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