All Shook Up : How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America

All Shook Up : How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America

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The birth of rock 'n roll ignited a firestorm of controversy--one critic called it qmusical riots put to a switchblade beatq--but if it generated much sound and fury, what, if anything, did it signify? As Glenn Altschuler reveals in All Shook Up, the rise of rock 'n roll--and the outraged reception to it--in fact can tell us a lot about the values of the United States in the 1950s, a decade that saw a great struggle for the control of popular culture. Altschuler shows, in particular, how rock's qswitchblade beatq opened up wide fissures in American society along the fault-lines of family, sexuality, and race. For instance, the birth of rock coincided with the Civil Rights movement and brought qrace musicq into many white homes for the first time. Elvis freely credited blacks with originating the music he sang and some of the great early rockers were African American, most notably, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. In addition, rock celebrated romance and sex, rattled the reticent by pushing sexuality into the public arena, and mocked deferred gratification and the obsession with work of men in gray flannel suits. And it delighted in the separate world of the teenager and deepened the divide between the generations, helping teenagers differentiate themselves from others. Altschuler includes vivid biographical sketches of the great rock 'n rollers, including Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly--plus their white-bread doppelgangers such as Pat Boone. Rock 'n roll seemed to be everywhere during the decade, exhilarating, influential, and an outrage to those Americans intent on wishing away all forms of dissent and conflict. As vibrant as the music itself, All Shook Up reveals how rock 'n roll challenged and changed American culture and laid the foundation for the social upheaval of the sixties.... a#39;na#39; Roll and th Po Culture Wars You know my temperaturea#39;s rising, / the juke box is blowing a fuse, a€ Chuck Berry proclaimed. a€œMy hearta#39;s beating rhythm / and my soul keeps singing the blues. ... After school and late at night, radio a€œ narrowcasteda€ to teenagers, who used car radios and portable transistor radios to take theanbsp;...

Title:All Shook Up : How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America
Author:Glenn C. Altschuler Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor of American Studies
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2003-08-07


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