All I Wanted Was an Education

All I Wanted Was an Education

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Some American children do not realize how blessed they are to have so many educational choices. There are more than 3, 000 universities and colleges in the United States offering every subject from Architecture to Zoology. An average American student needs only the will to study and the zeal to accomplish and the sky is the limit. Some students do not explore the educational opportunities presented to them. They let the pressures of educational demands overwhelm them and many drop out of school for personal reasons. For many foreign students like me, the choices are limited and the road to success ranges from slim to none. The obstacles are many and strenuous and they include; financial problems, home sickness, culture shock, weather adjustment, Immigration Department concerns, loneliness and the list goes on. In the mist of these problems quitting is not an option. There are two goals, the will to survive and succeed because this opportunity may not be available again. My story is based on the a€œwilla€ to survive and accomplish a dream. How did I survive? Find out when you read, All I wanted was an Education; the Epic of a foreign Student.The balance on my credit card would not add up to half the requested amount, so the idea of renting a car quickly disappeared. ... In the process of going from the car rental to the air travel agency, the day was gone, and to my surprise, I had spent the entire day making ... a€œSend me a letter or authorization or he demanded .

Title:All I Wanted Was an Education
Author:Omoviekovwa Nakireru
Publisher:iUniverse - 1999-12-01


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