Algebra 2 and trigonometry

Algebra 2 and trigonometry

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Height Distance Objectives After studying this section, you wiJJ be able to a–i Graph an equation on the Cartesian coordinate ... X -2 Section 2.4 Introduction to Graphing Vocabulary Class Planning Time Schedule Average: 1 day Advanced: 1 day Honors: 1 ... and Applications 4 Transparency 3 Class Opener Sketch the graph of the equation y = 2x - 7 on the coordinate plane. ... Lesson Notes Graphing on the Cartesian plane is presented as a method to communicate mathematics.

Title:Algebra 2 and trigonometry
Author:John Benson, McDougal, Littell
Publisher:McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin - 1991-10-01


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