Air Instrument Surgery

Air Instrument Surgery

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Air Instrument Surgery, Volume 2: Orthopedics has been compiled to aid in the se lection and use of air instruments in orthopedic surgical techniques. In each instance it attempts to demonstrate the classic approach, leaving it to the individual surgeon to develop further his expertise and ingenuity with air-driven instruments. Possible applications and adaptations are as unlimited as the surgeon's skill and imagination. Detailed illustrations and text treat the use of each air instrument in various proce dures, but the surgical application is given only for that portion of each procedure in which manual operation can be advantageously replaced by the use of air instru ments. This book, therefore, does not depict complete surgical procedures, nor does it include all the procedures in orthopedic surgery for which air instruments are now employed. Use of air-driven instruments does not imply any change in basic surgical techniques. It does enhance the surgeon's dexterity, increase his speed and, in some situations, makes a surgical approach possible for the first time. A technical guide has been needed since air instruments were introduced. Air In strument Surgery, Volume 2: Orthopedics is the second publication to fill that need. Its function is to clarify problems and difficulties and to suggest solutions by means of air instrument surgery. It is also intended to remove any apprehension about the use of air instruments. To ensure this, the technical procedures are supplemented with detailed instructions for assembling, using and maintaining the instruments.Check sterilizer for drying efficiency. Store in a dry area. Do not expose ... Check laundry procedures. Rinse instruments thoroughly. ... 2. Sterilization Aids. Education and Research Departments of AMSCO (American Sterilizer Co.) Erie, Pa. 3.

Title:Air Instrument Surgery
Author:Robert M. Hall
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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