Aha! Get Smart

Aha! Get Smart

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Warning! This is the BETA version of this work. Expect a few holes and half-baked ideas. This book will show you how to use your brain to work smarter, learn faster, and develop into the person you aspire to be but the message will contain typos. It all boils down to learning, but not the sort of learning you experienced at school. No, this is learning as a life skill. This is experiential learning. You're learning all the time, taking in new information and making sense of it. You learn from experience, from conversations with peers, and from qthe school of hard knocks.q You're in charge of it, not a teacher or institution. Learning is how you solve problems, grow professionally, and achieve your goals. You're already learning continuously, but chances are that you could be much more effective at it. This book will give you sixty concepts and tips to help you become a better life-long learner.community Simple web Frequent, no-risk Innovation toolset prototypes a€“ a€œInternet Internet software Interoperability, lower Insideaquot; behind the firewall total ... the info| In lieu of reading the performance you need manual support Jams Mass rally without Create team spirit, the travel Cost rapid rollout Podcasts DOWnload in- house | Use Commute Or news to iPod treadmill time productively Storytelling Natural, anbsp;...

Title:Aha! Get Smart
Author:Jay Cross
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2015-05-06


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