Agrochemical Environmental Fate State of the Art

Agrochemical Environmental Fate State of the Art

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Accurate risk assessment is critical to pesticide regulation. This authoritative reference provides an exhaustive evaluation of current agrochemical environmental fate studies, a critical review of current EPA pesticide assessment guidelines, and a wide variety of environmental simulation models. Divided into four sections, this well-organized book provides a wealth of data and information vital to anyone involved in environmental exposure assessment, groundwater, surface water, and water contamination, pesticide regulation, and environmental simulation modeling. At your fingertips, you will have the latest information on the development of meaningful environmental fate data and how this information will result in accurate assessment of potential environmental and human hazards. The inadequacy of current regulatory guidelines and the resulting nonscientific assessment of agrochemical environmental fate are discussed in detail. A wide variety of environmental fate studies are included to demonstrate the current use of data to assess environmental fate and potential hazards associated with agrochemical use. Finally, ten chapters discuss the use of computer models that have been developed for analyzing and integrating data from a variety of environmental fate studies on agrochemicals used under various field conditions.... 3 1 European community, pesticide environmental fate requirements, 42 pesticide risks, EPA pesticide assessment guidelines, ... 177 physicochemical/ mobility studies, 99 terrestrial field pesticide, 93-98 Dose-response assessment, PIRANHA simulation model, ... 301 Exudation, physicochemical/mobility studies, 1 1 1 FARM manual environmental fate data, environmental assessment integration, 302anbsp;...

Title:Agrochemical Environmental Fate State of the Art
Author:Marguerite L. Leng, Elizabeth M.K. Leovey, Paul L. Zubkoff
Publisher:CRC Press - 1995-04-28


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