Agile and Lean Office

Agile and Lean Office

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Agile and lean office are so deeply interwoven that if you are doing agile you are doing lean, and vice-versa. Those considering process change will likely find the description of the interrelatedness interesting and enlightening. The question should I use Lean office instead of Agile office is based on a false premise because office environments are complex systems. There can be thousands of integration points as information flows along a value stream. As a result it is almost impossible to understand in detail how a change to one part of a value stream will impact the rest of the system-wide value streams of the organization. The Agile and Lean office approach use a program of continuous performance improvement. This approach does not try to accomplish too much at once and risk complete failure, but to make an incremental change to a value stream, wait for the system to settle down, fully understand the system-wide impact of the changes, and then decide what new change to make.Greater Satisfaction Agile and Lean provide significant benefits to the organization that adopts it. ... From a customer point of view an Agile and Lean organization provides them the product or service they need, customized to their specificanbsp;...

Title:Agile and Lean Office
Author:Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
Publisher:AA Global Sourcing Ltd - 2012-08-14


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